Our company

In 2016, the Governments of Singapore and Australia agreed to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership opening doors for closer business, trade and defence ties.

The Smart Think is an Australian-Singaporean venture with a charter to transform the defence industry through cutting edge technologies to produce state-of-the-art defence products.

The Smart Think is a supporting participant of - and conducts research and development in collaboration with - Australia's Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) to develop and adapt groundbreaking technologies to provide superior capabilities for Australian and regional defence forces.

About DMTC

DMTC (http://www.dmtc.com.au) is at the forefront of collaboration on applied research projects and in the development of new or enhanced capabilities for the Australian Defence Force. A not-for-profit company headquartered in Melbourne but working with universities and companies across Australia, DMTC has effective partnerships with public and private sector research institutions, industry companies like The Smart Think, and the Australian Department of Defence.

Our capability

The Smart Think's technologies focus on providing state-of-the-art defence products to maximise the safety and protection of soldiers and army vehicles. It takes advantage of automation and further innovation, through a manufacturing capability that is established in Australia and its Innovation Centre based in Deakin University, and aims to market new products across the Asia-Pacific region. Civil applications of the technology will also be pursued.

The world's lightest ballistic helmets

The Smart Think has adapted and advanced DMTC's revolutionary forming technology known as "Double Diaphragm Deep Drawing" (D4). The technology converts a 2-dimensional stack of composite material into a curved 3-dimensional object in a single step. This technology removes the need for the traditional splicing of materials for the finished products hence significantly reducing weight and producing a higher-performing, safer ballistic helmet. With this advancement applied to combat helmet manufacturing, a new world benchmark is set with the lightest and safest ballistic helmets.

Next generation ballistic armour

The direct relationship between weight and cost of materials in current body and vehicle armour systems creates a challenging dilemma for defence forces that want to provide a high level of protection for soldiers and vehicles at the lightest possible weight and at affordable cost. The DMTC is developing a new and innovative technology for the production of ceramic armour that has the ability to reduce soldier and vehicle weight burden, while increasing protection and multi-hit capacity, and is highly cost effective. This system also offers an unprecedented level of adaptability enabling specific armour solutions to current military requirements. The advancement offered through this armour system removes the traditional cost-performance trade-off, giving soldiers and vehicles the highest level of protection and defence forces the highest cost efficiency.